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OCEAN Ushers in a New ERA of Bitcoin Mining Autonomy with $6.2M Seed Funding

OCEAN's Vision for Revolutionary Bitcoin Mining: Mummolin Inc.'s $6.2M Seed Funding Boosts Decentralized Mining Efforts, Pioneered by Bitcoin Core Contributor Luke Dashjr

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Decentralizing Bitcoin Mining with OCEAN

Mummolin Inc. has successfully completed its seed funding round, securing a substantial $6.2 million for its flagship project OCEAN. This significant financial kick-start is primed to catapult OCEAN forward in its mission to disrupt and decentralize Bitcoin mining at a core level. Spearheaded by long-time Bitcoin Core contributor Luke Dashjr, OCEAN is envisioned to redefine the traditional dynamics of Bitcoin mining pools.

Rethinking Mining Pools for True Decentralization

The ethos behind OCEAN is straightforward yet revolutionary: transform mining pools from being central authorities to a decentralized system where miners receive their rightful rewards from Bitcoin directly, without third-party control. “The role of mining pools must change for Bitcoin to exist as a truly decentralized currency,” states Luke Dashjr, Mummolin co-founder.

Decentralization is facilitated through non-custodial payouts, which ensure miners receive block rewards directly from the Bitcoin network. This mechanism also circumvents potential risks associated with traditional pools withholding payments. As highlighted by Mummolin’s co-founder Mark Artymko, transitioning to this new pool system enhances transparency and reduces undue influence over individual miners.

Disruptive Approach to Miners’ Autonomy

The Global Head of Sales of OCEAN, known as Bitcoin Mechanic, emphasizes the goal of disintermediating the influence of current mining pools. Traditional pools currently have significant influence over soft forks activation and which transactions make it to the blockchain, not to mention custodianship over new coins. OCEAN’s approach, by contrast, envisions a network where miners have direct payout mechanisms, thereby reinforcing the robustness of Bitcoin’s infrastructure.

Prominent entrepreneur and tech influencer Jack Dorsey has publicly endorsed OCEAN’s mission and is a notable contributor to the company’s seed funding. He commends the OCEAN team for addressing the centralization issue within mining pools, a matter of concern for the Bitcoin community and a potential risk to the cryptocurrency’s foundational attributes.

Revolutionary Change in the Mining Landscape

Barefoot Mining, the first customer of OCEAN, openly expressed its enthusiasm through co-founder & CEO Bob Burnett, labeling the venture as a pivotal development within the Bitcoin industry. The announcement corresponds with the Future of Bitcoin Mining Conference and resonates with Barefoot Mining’s own progressive efforts, such as repurposing a 150-year-old hydroelectric dam in South Carolina for mining Bitcoin.

A Brighter Future for Bitcoin Mining

OCEAN, headquartered in Wyoming and successor to the Eligius mining pool, retains its foundational values of being non-custodial, transparent, and permissionless. It has already begun making waves by successfully mining blocks and demonstrating a commendable hash rate. An upcoming milestone for OCEAN involves advancing the Stratum V2 protocol and incorporating Lightning Network payouts for more efficient miner compensations.

With plans to unveil further advancements in 2024, OCEAN is on a steadfast journey, aligning with the larger trend towards a decentralized future in Bitcoin mining. Key initiatives include improving Stratum V2 and enabling smaller miners to receive payments without being encumbered by the ‘dust problem.’ The holistic vision aims to benefit miners worldwide, offering more freedom and reaffirming Bitcoin’s decentralized nature.

We invite you to engage in this discussion and share your thoughts on the implications of OCEAN’s decentralized mining model.

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